Mango Kush

Our Mango Kush should be considered the forbidden fruit of the strain world for it is as rare as it is delicious. Tropical fruit fragrances like mandarin and papaya with a twist earthier flavors pull through from the initial mango splash you get from the fluffy buds.

The essence and aura of Mango Kush is enchanting enough to make anyone not want to smoke this beautiful bud at all but make it ornamental. Crossing Mango with the landrace legend Hindu Kush breeds a balanced hybrid that’s the ultimate wake and bake with your morning cup of joe and the best match for a cozy night in, or if out and about it’d be a bit of entertainment before bowling a few frames or catching a standup comedy set.

Mango Kush will give you all the feel-goods from head to toe and then all the way to the soul. From breaking open a single nug to putting fire to the bud and inhaling, our Mango Kush has attributes that classify it as a sovereign strain sure to impress even the most studious smokers. Many effortlessly slide into a state of sedation as they realize their eyes were bigger than their appetite as Mango Kush that double dose knocks their socks right into a couch-lock.